Education in Action’s Community Partners

Education in Action builds community partnerships with local, national and international companies and organizations. A community partner agrees to a financial commitment and a representative from the community partner company or organization is then invited to serve on our board of directors. Additionally, these partners are then able to brand a ‘shop’ of their choosing in Exchange City.

Due to the actions and support of our community partners, hundreds of students are able to participate in Education in Action’s programs. 

Our Current Partnerships & Their Shops

   Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI 

Hasbro    Hasbro 

In 2009 Hasbro joined forces with Education in Action and opened the Hasbro Global Toy Shop where students design, produce and sell their very own toys. Additionally, Hasbro has donated their production services to create our Exchange City Video.


National Grid 

The national grid shop in Exchange City focuses on energy efficiency and teaches youth about energy use and conservation. Students working in this business read, calculate, graph and bill the city's utility usage. There is also an Energy Educator position who has a responsibility of promoting energy consciousness among fellow businesses and citizens.

Rhode Island Credit Union   

Rhode Island Credit Union

The RI Credit Union opened their very own branch at Exchange City where students run the city’s financial institution. Students give out business loans, cash and deposit paychecks and provide citizens with student IDs. The RI Credit Union also provides actual checkbooks and checks for the students to use during participation in Exchange City, which adds to the real-life nature of the program.


Trusted Choice logo  

Trusted Choice - Independent Insurance Agents of Rhode Island

The Trusted Choice Insurance & Business Center is the HR hub of Exchange City. While students working there supply the city’s paychecks, they also offer insurance options, such as Workers Compensation, to businesses and citizens.


Verizon logo   Verizon

Sponsored by Verizon Fios, The Verizon Technology shop is the technological hub of Exchange City where students create WebPages, business cards and videos. In this store students combine their creativity and knowledge of Technology to create marketing pieces for the other businesses.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming an Education in Action Community Partner, please contact us at 401-461-4224