Girl writing a check.

Welcome, Students, to Exchange City!

As an Exchange City Citizen, you will be responsible for running the entire city. You and your classmates will become the decision makers of city– so prepare yourself for a busy day full of fun activities! 

Some advice for Exchange City Citizens

Think hard about the type of job you want when you get older. At Exchange City you can work in many different roles. You could be the City Mayor, President of the Rhode Island Credit Union, Hasbro Toy Maker, Ronzio Pizza server, Verizon sales Associate, United Way philanthropist and many more. No matter what you want to be when you grow up, it’s here at Exchange City!

It’s important to take your job very seriously as your classmates and co-workers will be relying on you. Everything you will be learning inside the classroom will be used in Exchange City - such as check writing and budgeting- so be sure to pay attention to your teachers.

But most importantly, get ready to be creative and have fun!

What do you want to do today?

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