Faculty at the Curriculum Kick-Off

Education in Action's Special Projects

As Education in Action continues to grow, we periodically take on special projects and programs to make sure that we are meeting the needs of our participants. In 2010 alone, we have invested both time and money into a variety of special projects that focus on technology, curriculum and other programming. Read on and discover what we have been up to!

A Commitment to Technology

Perhaps our biggest technological advancement is our new website! EducationInActionRI.org is not your ordinary website; it's full of special features that allow program participants to have the best experiences possible. Teachers now have access to an online resource center, students are able to upload videos and build websites and those wishing to donate can do so online with ease.

Over $10,000 has been invested in improving the technology within Exchange City. All of our computers have been hardwired to improve functionality throughout the day, a new sound system has been installed and flat screen TVs are strategically placed to broadcast Exchange City news reports. All of these improvements add to the experience students have during the Exchange City simulation.

Curriculum Enhancements

Perhaps the biggest improvement within Exchange City is our Exchange City 2.0 curriculum. With the help of a curriculum consultant and focus groups, our curriculum has been streamlined; making it easy to integrate into any classroom. Launching this Fall, Exchange City 2.0 will be available online and on our website under the Educator Resources section.

Summer Programming

Each summer Education in Action offers special programs for local youth. In the past, this has included summer workforce programs, Entrepreneurship Camps & Exchange City summer camp workshops. To learn more about programs that may be available during the summer months, please visit our Summer Programming Page.