Meet the Graduates



Why did you join the Providence Transition Academy?

I enrolled in the Providence Transition Academy because I wanted to prepare for my future and also to find out about different careers and the paths needed to get there. It was a great experience for me!

What did you do at the academy?

During the year I held two internships at a local radio station and also at Exchange City.  At the radio station, I worked with the equipment and helped gather the daily stories.  I also made sure that all of the microphones and technology were working correctly. It was interesting to see everything that goes into a radio broadcast - what an amazing experience!

At Exchange City I had a blast. I worked with the students and teachers, answered a lot of questions and used my customer service skills - a skill I didn't know that I had. I also didn't know I would be good at working with kids. It was great to find that our about myself.

My teacher also helped me improve my math and writing skills. We also prepared resumes, applied for jobs and learned about appropriate workplace behavior.

What would you say to someone who wanted to sign up for the Transition Academy?

Just try your best and do what you think you can.  If you stay focused in life, no matter what path you take, you will be successful.