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The Providence Transition Academy

In partnership with the Providence School Department, the Providence Transition Academy is a unique program for students who choose to take an extra year of instruction and internships in the Rhode Island community that prepare them for a successful transition into college or the working world.  

Learning Takes Place in Many Settings

Under the supervision of an instructor,  students are placed into internships with local businesses in their field of interest exposing them to potential career choices as well as showing them the steps they need to make their career goals a reality.  

Students will continue to learn in a traditional building setting, in the greater Providence community and most often at a business/work situation.  Students will be offered a variety of opportunities for skill development, practice and achievement.

Who Should Apply

  • Students 18-21 years of age, have an IEP and have met all academic requirements for high school graduation but still need assistance in the area of transition services
  • Students who have a demonstrated willingness to participate in all required activities of the Academy on a volunteer basis
  • Students who are eligible to receive services provided by the Office of Rehabilitation Services (ORS) and may have previously completed a vocational evaluation with that agency
  • Students who have met graduation requirements, but want to leave the high school setting to attain their transitional knowledge
  • Students who have the ability to be independent in the community

Although the Academy provides functional skill development, the majority of instruction takes place in an adult setting and in the community.  Work preparation and on the job training are major components of this program.

Providence Transition Academy Application Process

  • IEP team determines need for continued services and recommends application to the program
  • Application packet is completed and submitted to Providence Transition Academy, 35 Swiss St. Providence, RI 02909
  • Students are interviewed by program personnel
  • Admission is not guaranteed

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For more information, contact Education in Action at 401-461-4224, or a member of the Providence Public School Department:

Kim Shangraw

Providence Transition Academy Teacher

Tribbie Zarra

Providence Transition Academy Teacher